• About Arthur Copes

    A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Arthur Copes has owned and operated multiple healthcare businesses in Louisiana. Since 2012, Arthur Copes has led the Bio Wellness Center, where he provides naturopathic treatments to three to seven clients each day.

    In this role, he develops compounds that contain a combination of enzymes, herbs, and minerals. At the clinic, he treats multiple health problems, including sinusitis. His work has also helped with weight loss and issues related to high blood pressure.

    In the years before his current role, he led a scoliosis-focused firm with clinics in cities that included Houston and Salt Lake City. While leading the organization, he oversaw more than 50 staff members.

    Throughout his career, Arthur Copes has attended continuing education courses from the Transformation Enzymes Summit and other providers. Outside of health care, he enjoys jet skiing and cooking. Mr. Copes also enjoys remodeling homes and restoring Jeeps.

  • Education

    Neurobiologix Nutrition Traning

    AE (2018-2018)


    Transformation Enzymes Summit

    AE (2018-2018)


    Transformation Enzymes Summit

    AE (2017-2017)


    Transformation Enzymes Summit

    AE (2015-2015)


    Transformation Enzymes Summit

    AE (2005-2005)

    Cellular Enzymes

  • Professional Experience

    Bio Wellness Center

    May 2012-Present


    Wayn Triche and Associates

    Jan 2010-May 2012

    Right Hand Man


    Aug 2005-Sep 2010


  • The Blog

    Dr. Arthur Copes is the president and owner of Bio Wellness Center, located in Baton Rouge, Lousiana. Before establishing the Bio Wellness Center, Arthur Copes was the owner of Scoliosis Treatment Recovery Systems (STRS). He recommends that his patients avoid bad foods. Unhealthy food choices...
    Dr. Arthur Copes is the founder and CEO of Baton Rouge's Bio Wellness Center. He is a medical practitioner with over forty years of experience and has practiced with multiple organizations and facilities before starting his facility. Dr. Arthur Copes is also recognized as an expert in scoliosis...
    Dr. Arthur Copes is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana health professional who directs the Bio Wellness Center. Committed to holistic pathways that go beyond simply addressing symptoms, Dr. Arthur Copes works with patients with conditions ranging from acid reflux to adrenal fatigue. One of the Bio...